State Of The Art Manufacturing Facility

Strategic Asset
Jamjoom Pharma considers the manufacturing facilities, systems and people as its core assets. The mission has been and will continue to focus on the manufacturing of high quality, safe and effective products comparable to the best in the Pharma industry worldwide. Prime focus is given to keeping the manufacturing facilities updated and abreast of the latest innovations and advances in the relevant technologies.
The manufacturing facilities and head office are located at Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.
Planning for quality since inception
Lockwood Greene Inc. USA, the world renowned engineering consultants to the Pharmaceutical Industry, waschosen to provide engineering & design inputs based on cGMP and US FDA standards.
Phase II Expansion Commenced in the Year 2011
Rapid topline growth and entry into new therapeutic areas necessitated major expansion of the manufacturing facilities. CDI Life Sciences USA which is internationally recognized in the field of Pharma engineering and design, was appointed as a consultant to handle the phase II expansion in order to ensure compliance with the US FDA, EU and other stringent international standards.
Phase III Expansion Commenced in the Year 2016 in consultation with CDI Life Sciences (US)
Soft-gelatine capsules production capacity increased by adding the second line in 2017, Ointment and Creams – capacity increased by adding the second line in 2019. New Tablet and Capsule line commissioned and started operation in 2017, Provision is available to add more lines in the future.
Phase IV Expansion Commenced in the Year 2019 by Hargrove Inc. (US)
State of the art Standalone Sterile facility Commenced its inception in the Year 2019 in Consultation with Hargrove Inc. (US), who is an internationally recognized Consultant for Pharma engineering and design. Hargrove Inc. (US) was appointed as a consultant to handle the phase IV expansion to ensure compliance with the local SFDA and as well as to US FDA, EU standards.

Manufacturing Capabilities

Solid Dosage Forms: Tablets & Capsules.

Sterile Dosage Forms: Eye Drops & Injections.

Oral Liquids: Syrups & Suspensions.

Multi Dosage Forms: Dry Powder for Suspension, Dermal Creams, Ointments & Gels.

Forms, Fill & Seal Facility (FFS): Sterile Eye Drops, Unit dose and Multidose.

Soft Gelatin Capsules: Jamjoom Pharma enhanced its manufacturing capabilities by adding a state of the art Softgel Capsules manufacturing plant, This facility is the first of its kind in the GCC. The company has made major investment in this facility which can be rated among the top of the range softgel manufacturing and packaging units in the world.

Manufacturing Team

The company firmly believes that human resources are its prime assets. The best machines and technology can work effectively only when operated properly employing well trained technical manpower rigorously following standard operating procedures. The key staff in manufacturing are highly qualified and have several years of prior experience with multinational Pharma companies. Special emphasis is given to train and develop the staff and keep them abreast with the latest regulatory, GMP and technological developments throughwell organized internal & external programs. Jamjoom Pharma-Manufacturing 28 jamjoom.

Machinery & Equipment

The machinery & equipment in the manufacturing facility were imported from the most reputed European & American equipment manufacturers having the highest ratings in the global Pharma industry
The best manufacturing systems have been procured from top ranking international suppliers for the international pharma industry.

Key Equipment Suppliers