The methods utilized for Quality Control include the following:

    √ In-house developed and validated procedures
    √ USP methods
    √ Ph Eur methods
    √ BP methods
    √ ACS monographs
    √ AOAC test procedures

√ High Performance Liquid Chromatograph
√ Gas Chromatograph
√ Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer
√ Fourier Transformed Infra Red Spectrophotometer
√ UV-Visible Spectrophotometer
√ Dissolution test apparatus
√ Disintegration tester
√ Total Organic Carbon analyzer
√ Osmometer
√ Densitometer

The stability program at Jamjoom Pharma ranges from comprehensive storage and testing capabilities with detailed compliance strategies fully compliant with ICH guidelines. The storage chambers and cabinets are continuously monitored and operate independently with its own temperature and humidity controls.

Microbiology Laboratory

The advanced microbiological testing facility at Jamjoom Pharma in line with international standards provides a wide range of support for ensuring the compliance of our products and facility. This is achieved by employing well trained staff and state-of-the-art equipments. The microbiology section conducts tests on raw materials, bulk, finished products, packaging materials.


A well equipped team ensures the validation of facility, equipment, process, product and method at Jamjoom Pharma. Some of the key instruments include :

√ Particle Size analyzer
√ Kaye Validator
√ Air samplers
√ Filter Integrity testers
√ Particle counter
√ Anemometer
√ Lux meter