Azionce Egypt

Azi-Once suspension is indicated

Reconstituted suspension contains 200 mg of azithromycin base per 5ml.Excipient(s): Xanthan gum, trisodium phosphate anhydrous, hydroxypropyl cellulose, banana flavour, fantasy flavour permaseal, fresh co frote flavour permaseal, collidal silicon dioxide, sucrose, purified water. 

Azi-Once suspension is indicated for: Shake the bottle containing powder before adding water. Add the water provided in the pack. Before using the suspension, always shake the bottle well. Discard after 5 days of reconstitution. 

Oral Suspension 200 mg/5 mL when reconstituted. Available in three sizes : Powder for 15 mL, powder for 22.5 mL, powder for 30 ml.