anti-inflammatory action and reduces redness

Composition: The active ingredient in this medicine is Sodium Cromoglicate 2% w/v.

Indication:  Sodium cromoglicate has an anti-inflammatory action and reduces redness, soreness and itching in eyes affected by allergic conditions like hayfever when used regularly during the course of treatment. 
These symptoms occur usually in the late spring or early summer when pollen from grasses or trees comes into contact with the eyes of people who are sensitive to them. This condition is sometimes called ‘hayfever eyes’ or by its medical term: seasonal allergic conjunctivitis. 
If you suffer from hayfever, you can also help control your symptoms by trying to ensure low exposure to pollen when hayfever symptoms are expected. For example, keep windows closed, do not cut grass, stay indoors as much as possible.

Presentation: Vividrin eye drop: 10 ml filled in LDPE bottles.

Dose: Adults (including the elderly) and children over six years: Place one or two drops into each eye four times daily.