Participation of EADV

As the leader in the Dermatology segment, Jamjoom Pharma regularly participates in Dermatology conferences within the region and also internationally. EADV (European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology ) is amongst the most prestigious event in the field of Dermatology. Leading Dermatologists from around the world participate in this event. EADV conference is held every year and each time, in a different city within Europe.

Jamjoom Pharma successfully participated in the 2016 conference which was held in Vienna, Austria from 28th September to 2nd October 2016. Jamjoom Pharma as usual had its booth in a strategic location and was the only company participating from the Middle East, Africa region.

This year over 1300 dermatologists had registered from the countries covered by us. The majority of them were from Iraq, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Gulf region, Lebanon and Jordan.

Jamjoom Pharma booth was busy on all days. More than 500 doctors visited on the first day. Most of them participated in the quiz designed to increase awareness about our leading brands. All visitors were given gifts and product information and brochures. The lucky draw with valuable gifts, also turned out to be a very popular event among the attendees.

The Gala dinner hosted by Jamjoom Pharma was well attended and proved to be the highlight of the Congress related events.

Overall, the Congress participation by Jamjoom Pharma was very successful and help develop closer ties with the Dermatology professionals and to impress upon them Jamjoom Pharma’s lead position in the Dermatology category.

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